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Questions and Discussion Topics for AN AVAILABLE MAN

December 5, 2011

1.There are so many themes in this novel (romantic love, family relationships, loneliness vs. togetherness, bereavement, and forgiveness. Which one resonated with you the most?
2.Why do you think there’s such a dearth of “available men” above a certain age? Are society’s expectations of aging women different from those of aging men?
3.What do you think contributed to the success of Edward and Bee’s marriage? What did you make of Edward’s difficulty coping after Bee’s death?
4.Edward’s family and friends conspire to help him find a new love. But Olga has chosen loneliness over being with the wrong person. Is being part of a couple best for everyone? (more…)

Selected Works

"Comic, tender, and delicious . . .You will love it!"--Adriana Trigiani
"This delicious comedy of manners is a pure delight . . ."
--New Orleans Times-Picayune
"It is a beautiful tale of coming apart and reconciliation."
A.M. Homes
"Funny, sad . . . an unforgettable story."
-- Publishers Weekly

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