Hilma Wolitzer


"The story of Alice Brillís coming of age at 51 . . . is that rare paradox, a fast-paced novel so well-written you want to linger over it."
--The New York Times Book Review

"Another triumph for Wolitzer . . ."
--Library Journal

"Though paced like a detective story, it is, in the end, a novel of metamorphosis. When Wolitzer dwells deeply in a scene, it is marvelous."
--Chicago Tribune

Selected Works

"Comic, tender, and delicious . . .You will love it!"--Adriana Trigiani
"This delicious comedy of manners is a pure delight . . ."
--New Orleans Times-Picayune
"It is a beautiful tale of coming apart and reconciliation."
A.M. Homes
"Funny, sad . . . an unforgettable story."
-- Publishers Weekly

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